Client work

Harry Korine provides a range of consulting and executive development services to companies around the world, covering strategy and corporate governance. In addition, he is an experienced keynote speaker at corporate and public events.

Recent strategy projects:

  • Strategy development and board presentation for a DAX 30 company division
  • Strategy workshop for top management team of a world leader in animal health
  • Alliance strategy plan and implementation for an OMX Copenhagen 20 company
  • Alliance strategy workshop for the senior management of a global leader in FMCG
  • Expert advisory on strategy for the consultancy arm of one of the Big Four firms
  • Strategy design and internal development process for a FTSE 100 company

Recent executive development projects:

  • Design and delivery of a global strategy forum for CEOs of mid-size firms (United Kingdom)
  • Design and delivery of a strategy execution program for a DAX 30 company
  • Design and delivery of a series of strategy programs for a DAX 30 company
  • Design and delivery of a consortium program for four major European companies

Recent corporate governance projects:

  • Intervention to improve cooperation between board and management for a global non-profit organization
  • Evaluation of generational transition plans and corporate governance for a mid-sized Canadian consultancy
  • Assessment of proposed going public for a European agriculture cooperative
  • Governance evaluation of the investments of one of the largest UK pension funds

Recent keynote speaking engagements:

  • Crédit Suisse event for board members of mid-size firms
  • First Arab-German Family Business Summit, Cairo
  • Swiss Pharma Licensing Group Meeting, Bern